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March 4 and 5, the Dutch cities of Leeuwarden and Groningen were under the impression the spell of Armin’s tracks. But not the way they’re used to. American composer Tom Trapp translated Armin’s tracks into classical compositions, which was played by the Noord Nederlands Orchestra. From ‘Communication’ to ‘Serenity’ and ‘In & Out of Love’, a big selection of his catalogue was translated into classical compositions and played live by the orchestra.

*** MediaInfo Mac // Plain text file report
Information for File: Het Noord Nederlands Orkest speelt Armin van Buuren.wmv

General / Container Stream # 1
Total Video Streams for this File -> 1
Total Audio Streams for this File -> 1
Video Codecs Used -> WMV3
Audio Codecs Used -> WMA2
File Format -> Windows Media
Play Time -> 1h 22mn
Total File Size -> 490 MiB
Total Stream BitRate -> 829 Kbps
Title (Tag) -> Het Noord Nederlands Orkest speelt Armin van Buuren
Copyright (Tag) -> Radio 4 NPS
Video Stream # 1
Codec (Human Name) -> VC-1
Codec (FourCC) -> WMV3
Codec Profile -> MP
Frame Width -> 540 pixels
Frame Height -> 304 pixels
Frame Rate -> 25.000 fps
Total Frames -> 123802
Display Aspect Ratio -> 16/9
Scan Type -> Progressive
Codec Description -> Windows Media Video 9
QF (like Gordian Knot) -> 0.171
Video Stream Length -> 1h 22mn 32s 80ms
Video Stream BitRate -> 700 Kbps
Video Stream BitRate Mode -> CBR
Bit Depth -> 24 bits
Video Stream Size -> 413 MiB (84%)
Audio Stream # 1
Codec -> WMA2
Codec (FourCC) -> 161
Audio Stream Length -> 1h 22mn 32s 77ms
Audio Stream BitRate -> 128 Kbps
Audio Stream BitRate Mode -> CBR
Number of Audio Channels -> 2
Sampling Rate -> 44.1 KHz
Bit Depth -> 16 bits
Audio Stream Size -> 75.6 MiB (15%)

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